The Diakonos Oncology team is excited to announce that the company has been selected as one of the Top 10 Most Promising Life Science Companies at the 2023 Texas Life Science Forum. This prestigious event, hosted annually in November by Rice University and BIOHouston, brings together the most innovative minds in the life science sector.

The Texas Life Science Forum is a hallmark event in the life science community, known for showcasing cutting-edge innovations and fostering collaborations that shape the future of the industry. Being recognized as one of the top companies at this event is not only an honor but also a testament to the groundbreaking work being done at Diakonos Oncology.

Out of more than 40 companies invited to present, Diakonos Oncology stood out with Dr. Matthew Halpert’s presentation on our revolutionary approach to Dendritic Cell Vaccines. The clinical data from our Phase 1 Clinical Trial for Glioblastoma Multiforme was particularly compelling, demonstrating the potential of our Dendritic Cell Vaccine in treating multiple late-stage and aggressive cancer indications. This innovative approach and promising results were key factors in our significant recognition at the forum.